Love and Care Talisman Necklace

Sterling Silver | Necklace
Part of the Talisman collection, a series of personalised gemstones cluster necklaces, this necklace presents a Cluster of natural gemstones in warm shades of pinks and reds, like passionate love in a field of summery flowers.

Each Talisman necklace is unique, and to add to individuality, the circle from which the gems are hanging is also forged and formed by hand, making if different each time.

Inpired by Flowers in a sunny field. This lovely necklace features a red coral, surrounded by orange carnelian, pink rhodochrosite, and dyed raspberry gaia gemstones.
Wear yours flowers around your neck.

A Sterling silver 925 chain of 41 cm included.

If you'd like your special talisman necklace to feature your favourite gemstones or handcrafted with meaningful birthstones related to you and your family, simply get in touch with Moi.

In lithotherapy (care by gemstones):
Rhodochrosite is known as a gemstone of love and compassion,
coral is believed to help strenghtening bones and help with blood circulation,
while carnelian symbolises vitality.

This gift is therefore a wonderful gift to show your love to someone you care about, and a great choice for self care.


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