Sunshine on Straw cluster talisman necklace with Chalcedony and Pearls


Sunshine on Straw cluster talisman necklace with Chalcedony and Pearls

Sterling Silver | Necklace
Inspired by a ray of sunshine on straw, this cluster necklace oozes elegance and gives you a little bit of tenderness in this "brutal" world.
To make it, I have selected the following gems which go so well together and enhance eacj one another beautifully.
You will get a faceted chalcedony teardrop, a trasnluscent crackled quartz tear drop, interlaced with a grey agate bead and freshwater pearls, playing with harmonies of white, cream, and grey.

Part of the Talisman Collection, a collection of bespoke lucky gris-gris "amulet" charms, this beautiful silver necklace features a cluster of natural gemstones and cultured freshwater pearls.
The Ancient Egyptians used stones for protection and health They carved amulets in various gems. One of them being Quartz, just like the crackled quartz in this adornment.
Quartz is also know as the “Stone of Power” because it is believed it can amplify any energy or intention. Many people meditate with Clear Quartz. Probably something to add to your yoga practice.

These precious gemstones are hanging from an organic circle pendant.

Length of fine sterling silver chain 41 cm - 16"
cluster about 3 cms
Gold plated with 18ct yellow gold

Each necklace is individually crafted.
Every necklace will therefore have slight variations in the shape, size, and colours of the natural gemstones and open circle.

A stylish little treat !
As seen in Mob Journal Magazine Oct 2023