Cavalaire Talisman Necklace


Cavalaire Talisman Necklace

9ct 9K gold | Necklace
This Talisman Necklace is inspired by a place in the French Cote d'Azur called Cavalaire sur Mer.

Talisman necklaces are designed to bring you luck and happiness.
This one reminds me of the shades of this city in the Summer sunshine.

I chose the following fine gemstones in different shapes and harmonies of blue grey colours including :
Aquamarine, vibrant apatite, which exudes a warm Carribean blue, blue flash grey labradorite, and blue moonstone.

Each gemstone is chosen individually and tied to a handmade and hammered circle which symbolizes the circle of life and love. The circle is large enough to wear your pendant on a silk ribbon or a leather thong.

Fun fact: In the Middle Ages, crystal balls were made from aquamarine.
In Lithotherapy, one of tehvirtues associated with aquamarine is to bring luck in love !!

All metal on the pendant : Solid 9ct 9K gold
You will also received a sterling silver trace chain with a non permanent charcoal grey oxidised finish.