L' Oeil et la bouche, Limited edition screenprint

All artwork and paintings copyright Catherine Marche

Fashion illustration with inks 

A field of poppies, acrylics 

Some of you might have seen my illustrations in the underground, newspapers, books, lamps, apparel...

Catherine marche painting a mural at Olympia for the show Vive la France

catherine Marche, in action, painting a mural at Olympia. I assumed you have already guessed the theme ? Moulin rouge.

For bespoke jewellery commissions, it all starts with you and your story.

Captured in quick sketches to express ideas and concepts. 

Which may evolve into 3D jewellery renderings

Sometimes, it all starts with a gemstone ...

Jewellery Illustration and Gouaché de bijoux



My gouaché de bijoux, pearls earrings, winner of the Auverture contest.

If you leave a pen and a bit of paper near me, I usually end up absently drawing ... At school, most of my notebook margins were filled with sketches, drawings of other pupils,  teachers, abstracted shapes.

I started being commissioned for my art as a teenager, doing posters for the conservatoire national de musique concerts, artworks for charities doing fundraising , portraits and posters for other students and parties...


At the moment, my paintings are in a much smaller scale, concentrating on jewellery pieces.