Minimalist Peps stacking silver rings


Minimalist Peps stacking silver rings

Sterling Silver | Ring
A lovely set of little rings to have the sunshine and the moon at your fingertips.

Handcrafted in London with recycled sterling silver, this cute and bubbly rings feature alluring colourful gemstone with peps: light blue with a lovely blue lace agate, lime green with a vibrant peridot and deep orange with a carnelian cabochon.

Metal: recycled sterling silver 925

Fun little facts:
In lithotherapy, the blue lace agate is associated with stress relief.
The peridot has had lots of fascinating stories associated to it throughout history
In Maghreb, it represents fraternity, joy and luck.
The cornaline was a protection gemstone for Pharaoh and Sun gods, it will definitely make you feel like a goddess too.

You will receive 3 rings. Made to order, allow 14-20 business days for yours.
Wear each alone of stack them up together with other rings from my collection.

The second photo shows you 2 of these rings combined with a rose quartz mini ring.
As seen in the fixagents video and photo shoot.