Keshi Pearls Luxurious Cuff


Keshi Pearls Luxurious Cuff

Sterling Silver | Bracelet
A work of patience, this unique cuff is entirely crocheted by hand in my London atelier, with recycled silver wire embellished with natural Japanese cultured Keshi pearls.

Due to the organic shape of these pearls, the resulting bracelet is uniquely one of a kind.
It is wonderful for women who like to dress up, for a diner, for the races or a wedding.

Width approx 3 cm
Natural Japanese Keshi pearls.
Recycled sterling silver 925.

The Keshi Pearls are formed when the mollusk rejects the graft out of its place, and generates mother-of-pearl formation near the nucleus. Beautiful pearls with different shapes are obtained.

Keshi pearls are quite rare.
The Keshi pearls have colors of a great variety. These are white with green, pink and golden hues.
Their luster is very high and their orients rare because they are composed only of mother-of-pearl in its purest state.

Matching earrings also available, just contact me for yours.