Luxurious Rose de France Amethyst and 18ct Gold Earrings


Luxurious Rose de France Amethyst and 18ct Gold Earrings

18K Gold | earrings
For timeless elegance, these earrings will ravish a woman who likes to make a discrete statement

Handcrafted in solid yellow gold, these elegant earrings feature gorgeous big natural amethyst gemstones.

Each gemstone drop is over 20mm .

handmade in London, in solid 18ct 18K yellow gold
100% natural gemstones: amethyst

These light lilac amethysts are a special variety of amethyst from Brazil, called Rose de France. They were very popular in the Victorian era.

• Leonardo Da Vinci believed amethyst could dispel malice and hasten sound thinking. In addition people believed it is beneficial against money and legal troubles and helps develop business.

• In Greece archeological evidence of polished amethyst set in gold rings has been found dating back to the Minoan period (around 2500 BCE).

• In Greek and Roman mythology the god of wine and revelry Dionysus murdered a maiden named Amethyst while in a drunken rage with a pair of ferocious wild tigers. With her dying breath the girl prayed to Artemis, the goddess of wild beasts, who transformed her into a white quartz statue. When Dionysus realized what he had done, he wept into his wine goblet and collapsed spilling the goblet's contents on the statue.
Amethyst's crystal figure became stained with tears and wine. From this mythological tale the gem amethyst has become a symbol of sobriety. Ancient wine chalices were sometimes carved from amethyst in an attempt to stop heavy drinking and drunkenness.
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