18ct yellow Gold Band, hammered finish


18ct yellow Gold Band, hammered finish

A Wonderful handmade ring made of 18ct recycled yellow gold, with a hammered and rough beaten finish.

This classic gold band measures 2.3 mm wide and has a D section (half round)
Also available in white and in rose gold.
Indicate your ring size when placing your order and I shall make One for YOU (or 2 or 3..)

Your wedding will be unique as you deserve unique rings .
These have been forged by hand, soldered, and given a polish or matte finish by hand.

It can be worn by men and women and is a nice stacking ring too

Understanding gold standards:
18K = also called 750/1000, 75 % pure gold
14K = also called 583/1000, 58.3% pure gold
9K = also called 375/1000, 37.5% pure gold

The ring will be delivered in a ring box, ready to offer as a present for all important occasions