Smoky quartz Nuggets Earrings in sterling silver


Smoky quartz Nuggets Earrings in sterling silver

Asymmetrical one of a kind | smoky quartzquartz | Earrings
The smoky quartz Nuggets Earrings are simply smoky hot !
A beauty for your little ears and to enhance your favourite outfits.
Perfect for lovers of dark chocolate
Handcrafted in recycled sterling silver, no two pairs are alike. Just the way we like .

The gemstones are 100% natural and each nugget is unique, with a slightly different shape, I match the 2 gemstones based on their shape and size, making each pair truly unique.

Combine with a great handbag and a lovely smile to look dazzling.

Gemstones are about 1.2-2 cm wide
These quartz nuggets are hand cut.

Perfect to inject a touch of cool into your daily routine, while showcasing how unique your are.