Catherine Marche exhibits at Glow

Catherine Marche exhibits at Glow exhibition ahead of Xmas

as seen in Professional jeweller

I am delighted to announce I will be showing a selection of my jewellery at the Glow showcase at Jedeco ahead of Christmas.

As published in Professional jeweller 20 November 2012

JeDeCo has announced plans to host a month-long exhibition of jewellery tailored to gifting for Christmas, featuring a selection of different UK-based designers.

The Glow shopping showcase will launch with a party for JeDeCo clients and jewellery industry members on Thursday at its boutique at the Oxo Tower on London’s South Bank. It is tailoring the Glow showcase to shoppers looking for jewelery for Christmas gifts, as well as statement pieces for parties and festive events.

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The event will include jewellery designers Anna Loucah, Annika Burman, Carol Zilla, Catherine Marche, Cindy Dennis Mangan, Debbie Carlton, fine jewellery by Dennis & Lavery, Doreth Jones, Kareece Peters, Quarter Angel, Rosemary Lucas, Sima Vaziry and Stephanie Bates.

It will run for a month from November 22 until December 23


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