How to care for gold plated jewellery

How to care for Gold plated Jewellery.

how to look after gold plated jewellery

Gold plated and blue lace agate stud earrings.

All our gold plated jewellery is made of recycled sterling silver with a layer of 18ct yellow gold.

They have the allure and beauty of gold without the hefty price tag.

Gold plating is not a permanent finish and when that layer wears down, the base metal below is revealed however, with tender loving care, you will be able to preserve its finish for months.


blue topaz pendant © catherine marche

Le golden Dotty necklace with a blue topaz gemstone

Catherine Marche recommends to follow this advice

  • Please remove your gold plated jewellery before enjoying dance and active sport where you might become sweaty, going to sleep, showering or bathing, swimming  or laying in a sandy beach as the sand may damage the finish!
  • Friction, water, sweat and cosmetics may make the gold wear much faster.
  • Spay your perfume and apply your cosmetics before wearing your jewellery.
  • Do remove your gold plated jewellery when applying antibacterial gel or alcohol spray.
Volutes photo etched foliage earrings by Catherine Marche

Volutes earrings by Catherine Marche - recycled sterling silver with oxidised finish and gold plating