November Birthstone - topaz

People born in November are lucky as there are two November gemstones: Citrine and Topaz, which are beautiful and come in different colours, ranging from white, yellow to orange and beige to blue and pink for the topaz.

The other beautiful gemstone associated with November natives is topaz.

Beautiful topaz is available in several colours. The best known are honey yellow from golden brown to deeper orange as in the ring above as well as blue. There are 3 shades of blue which have evocative names, from light to dark. Sky blue is the palest, swiss blue is more vivid and London blue topaz is the darkest, with a slight teal undertone. Topaz also exists in pink and transparent white.

According to the legend, in lithotherapy, topaz was mainly used to treat eye diseases. If a person started to lose their vision, they had to put the topaz stone in wine for three days and three nights. (!) Nowadays, it is  used to develop the joy of life and restore self-confidence .



London blue topaz solitaire ring set in solid white gold